Fire truck called for false alarm.

Smoke Detector is Beeping – But There’s No Fire

Fire truck called for false alarm.Alarmed, annoyed or a thought to oneself that “we got to get out of here!” are just a few feelings invoked when a smoke detector is beeping. But when there’s no fire, panic becomes confusion as you try to figure out why it’s making noise. Well no matter what you do, don’t ignore it—and don’t remove that battery! Your unit is trying to warn you about either its functionality or some kind of danger. In any case, it needs to be investigated further.

What to Do If Your Smoke Detector is Chirping or Beeping

A chirping smoke detector indicates that the battery needs to be changed or the unit is malfunctioning. This could also be the case if your smoke detector is beeping intermittently. Some units will chirp once every minute to tell you the battery is dying. If it’s an alarm, characterized by a continuous sound, it means that fire or smoke is present. Again, if its just a periodic chirp or intermittent beep then in most cases a battery is dying and requires attention. Do not remove the battery unless you have one to replace it. It’s easy to forget and the most common cause of death in fires are inoperable smoke detectors. Furthermore, the main reason smoke detectors become inoperable is the removal of batteries—as a result due to nuisance alarms or chirping.

CO Detector Beeping and No Fire Could Mean Danger

Check the back of your smoke alarm for an Alarm Guide that will let you know what each alert means.

Check the back of your smoke alarm for an Alarm Guide that will let you know what each alert means.

If a carbon monoxide detector is beeping and there’s no fire present this could be alerting you to presence of the odorless and invisible carbon monoxide gas. Here are the steps you need to take:

• Shut down any sources of combustion, such as ovens, stoves, furnaces or any others immediately – until a technician can come and find the source of the gas.
• Ventilate your dwelling by opening all windows an doors.
• Should anyone show symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning such as nausea, headache or feeling dizzy call the fire department and exit the premises at once.

If you have a combination CO2 smoke detector, check the back to see if there is a legend to tell you what each sound means. Some co detectors are mixed with photoelectric smoke detectors and others are combined with ionization smoke alarms. Since a combo unit detects both smoke and gas, it should indicate what sound goes with what it’s detecting.