Secret Compartments and Gun Concealment Furniture

In this article we discuss various options for concealed gun storage. If you live in California like I do, you are already well aware of our strict gun laws. You can pay a severe penalty if your gun ends up in the wrong hands and it was not adequately secured. I keep my guns in a tall safe with a rotary dial. Not the fastest for retrieval to say the least. One day while watching TV in my living room, I was startled by some commotion right outside the front door of my apartment. My pistol being securely locked away in my safe I was left only with a couple of sticks and my fists.

Thankfully the commotion passed and only ended up being some rowdy tenants but it left me thinking. What good is my gun for self-defense if I can’t access it quickly? That week I began to take my gun out of the safe and let it sit on the coffee table while I’d watch TV. This became the norm after a while until a friend of mine came by and I forgot to put it away. Needless to say upon her spotting it, it was a tad bit uncomfortable and warranted an explanation.

I decided I would learn how to make a secret compartment and began to read about top secret furniture. During my search I discovered furniture that also acts as a gun concealment device, hiding your weapons in plain sight. Law enforcement professionals advise that diversion safes can be a better option than a traditional safe. If you don’t know it’s there – it doesn’t exist. We found many different types of furniture to hide firearms in for every room of your home.

Gun Concealment Bench

If you’re looking for a safe place to tuck away valuables in plain sight a gun concealment bench is ideal. Suitable for a family room, living room or bedroom this furniture acts as a seat and a secret cabinet. There are numerous models in a wide variety of finishes that can be matched to nearly any home’s decor. Furthermore, a bench provides ample space for shotguns, rifles, ammunition and other sportsman items. They typically come carpeted on the inside with a locking mechanism that allows quick access. Most come with a removable tray for accessories too.

American Furniture Classics Entryway Gun Concealment Bench

American Furniture Classics Entryway Gun Concealment Bench
Concealed, locking storage for 5 long guns
Solid wood and wood veneers
Removable accessory tray for handguns or other accessories
Attractive slat design
Felt lined barrel rest
Suitable for bedroom, family room or living room

Couldn’t find any

Gun Concealment Coffee Table

Imagine storing your gun in your family or living room. To most, it’s a sitting room or a place to hang out and watch a movie. But to you, it’s a secret cache where from anywhere in the room a weapon is just within reach. But only you know where the goods are. A gun concealment coffee table is another versatile option for hidden gun storage. It can be set up either in your family, living room or both.

CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Coffee Table

Expert workmanship and smooth operating pull out drawer with locking mechanism
Carpeted interior drawer space safely protects firearms
Simple enough design to use in more than one room

Not suitable for long rifles or shotguns.

Hidden Gun Storage For Your Walls

When it comes to your walls you have a few options:

Gun Concealment Shelf

Personally these are my favorite. Mainly because how they go unnoticed by everyone. While it’s only suitable for pistols, getting to it quick is easy. Since it’s not furniture, someone won’t incidentally be sitting on it when it needs to be opened. Plus you can hang them anywhere in the home, making fast weapon retrieval possible from anywhere.

Concealment Shelf by FORT KNOX

Can be hung absolutely anywhere, in any room.
Magnetic latch mechanism allows fast access.
Enough room for handguns and ammo.
Not suitable for long guns.

Gun Concealment Photo Frame

Picture having a photo of your family up on the wall with a secret compartment for the gun that’s meant to protect the people in that very picture. Picture quick access to your firearm with a tactical photo frame. Hang one in every room of the house.

RecommendedTactical Frames Gun Concealment Picture Frame

Inconspicuous and hidden in plain sight.
Versatile, any photo or document can be hung on the wall.
Affordable and easy to move.

Not suitable for long guns.
Small space for valuables. Only room for one firearm and magazine depending on model.