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Replacing A Kidde Smoke Detector – Read This First

Here we will discuss some Kidde Ionization Smoke Detector models that have been renamed. If you have any of the Kidde Smoke Alarms discussed in this article and need to replace it, we will help you find by model number a unit that exactly matches those already in your home. This is especially helpful for those using interconnected smoke alarm systems.

Kidde Ionization Smoke Alarm Model i12020 Replaces 1235
The first model we will discuss is the Kidde ionization smoke alarm model 1235. This one has been replaced with the Kidde i12020 model, which has all the features of the former Kidde 1235 model. The manufacture date that indicates length of smoke detector life should also be more recent and definitely within one year of purchase. If you realize that the date on your newly purchased Kidde i12020 model is greater than a year from present, it’s best to return it to where you bought it and ask for a fresher model.

Kidde i12060 Ionization Smoke Alarm replaces 1276

Lastly, the Kidde 1276 Ionization Smoke Alarm is now replaced by the Kidde i12060. Again there aren’t any differences between the Kidde 1276 and the Kidde i12060 except for the model numbers.

Don’t purchase the older model just to save a few dollars

It’s likely that you will either be able to find the Kidde Ionization Smoke Alarm 1235 or 1276 through online retailers or in a brick and mortar store for less money than the newer replacement models. We advise against purchasing these models due to their reduced smoke detector life. Since these models have been replaced with newer versions, buying the older models, even if they are unopened in the package, will still have an older manufacture dateĀ and you will have to replace them sooner.