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How To Buy a Home Safe Online – And Why It’s the Best Way!

Many people think safes are only for banks, jewlery stores, or retailers. Well, the truth is there are many reasons to buy a home safe. From protecting valuables from thieves to keeping precious documents away from a fire, a safe has numerous uses in your home. Furthermore, buying one online can save you time, money and quite possibly your back.

Why You Should Shop Online for a Home Safe

I love having certain things delivered to my home. Even every day stuff, like toothpaste for example. I buy it on Amazon because my local retailer trumps up the price, and quite frankly who wants to waste gas and time looking for the best deal on Colgate. Now sure, toothpaste isn’t a safe—you might be thinking “you’re comparing apples to oranges Chris, c’mon”, and yeah they’re different but the convenience of it all is just the same. Read on.

Make the Delivery Guy Carry It

Amazon and Ebay have a wide selection of home safes with free shipping. That takes the headache out of carrying a heavy safe up a flight of stairs, or getting it out of your car for that matter. Did you know a safe just 1 cubic foot by 1 cubic foot can weigh over 100lbs? Even if there is a shipping fee, you are saving yourself the headache of transporting a large item – especially if you have a small car. If you use any of the links from this site, you will find home safes with free shipping.

Home Safe Reviews

Researching Amazon.com for home safes with free shipping.

Checking out home safes with free shipping at Amazon.com

When you shop at Amazon or Ebay you can read actual reviews from other people who purchased the exact same item, through the same exact seller. This always comforts me when making a purchase online because word of mouth is reliable. Often there is a star rating as well that can help you narrow down your search at a glance.

Try Before Buy – Then Search Online

Ok, you might be thinking “How can one try something they buy online?”. Well, you visit your local retailer who sells home safes and then you shop online for the best price. Numerous large brick and mortar retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, Costco and Best Buy carry them making it easy to walk in and inspect one. I would check for size, features, durability, is it fireproof and waterproof, digital or classic combination, or perhaps a biometric home safe is what you are looking for? When you find the right one, take note of the make and model and make your next stop the web. Make and model number in hand, check to see if you can find it cheaper online with free shipping.
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