First Alert SA710cn and SA720cn Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

First Alert SA710cn Photoelectric Smoke AlarmFirst Alert SA720cn Photoelectric Smoke AlarmShort circuits, malfunctioning appliances or appliances that are in need of serivce can trigger fire in your home. It is the inherent nature of these fires that makes them dangerous. They smolder unnoticed and give off smoke even before an obvious flame is realized. These types of fires can be hidden in walls, and even occur right under your nose, so to speak—without any warning. This is why it is crucial to have a a photoelectric smoke detector in your home. The SA710 and SA720 by First Alert Smoke Alarms are a viable choice for detecting these types of fires.

The First Alert SA710 and First Alert SA720cn series are equipped with photoelectric smoke sensors and are effective for fires where slow smoke emission occurs. This technology will protect you and your family even when a fire is not evident. Electrical short circuits, in-wall fires, and other types of low visibility incidents are the types of fires that take the most lives— and are the types these First Alert Smoke Alarms were made to detect. Furthermore, photoelectric sensors, unlike other types of smoke detectors do not use radioactive materials to detect smoke, hence they are more environmentally sound.

Another advantage to this product line is that they don’t prompt false alarms. These can be conveniently set up to fit mostly any space being that they are both ceiling and wall mountable.

First Alert SA710 and First Alert SA720 Product Specifications

The product comes in two variants, SA710CN and SA720CN by First Alert. While both of these products are equipped with photoelectric sensors, the SA710CN comes included with a 9 volt battery, and a side battery drawer which is useful for quick battery replacements. It has a silence/test button for manually silencing the unimportant and non threatening alarms. A blinking LED light is provided with it to indicate the power level which also blinks when the power is low and you get the signal to replace the battery. This unit is wall mountable which makes it convenient for home and RV installations. The dimension of the unit is 6.6 x 10 x 10 inches and it comes with an optional theft-lock to prevent from any unwanted tampering and theft. You’ll get one smoke detection unit, a user’s manual and a 9 volt battery in the product box.

The FIRST ALERT SA720CN sports the same specifications as the SA710CN but is housed in a differently sized cabinet measured at 9.9 x 6.6 x 9.9 inches, hence facilitating a wider spectrum of smoke detection ideal for bigger areas. Furthermore the SA720CN features an escape light that can aide in escape in low light situations. Both the products come with a 10 year limited warranty.

Here’s What Customers are Saying About the First Alert SA710 and First Alert SA720 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

The SA710CN and SA720CN are immensely popular among the people who have First Alert Smoke Alarms installed in their homes and/or offices. Primarily, users love the fact that these products do not adversely effect the environment and that it sports a supremely easy and user friendly interface. Other surveys reveal that customers are impressed with the theft lock which prevents it from getting tampered or stolen.