KIDDE pi2010 Review

Kidde pi2010 Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm
Wherever there is smoke, usually there is fire. In some rare cases this may not be true like burning something on the stove but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Ionization smoke detection and photoelectric smoke detection are the two prevailing technologies and the Kidde pi2010 smoke alarm makes use of both in one convenient unit—protecting you from both flaming and smoldering fires.

When you install the Kidde pi2010 smoke alarm at your home or office, you essentially cover yourself from visible and invisible fires. Ionization smoke alarms pick up obvious flaming fires while photoelectric smoke alarms are better at sensing slow and sometimes hidden smoldering fires.

There are many Kidde smoke alarms available and not all offer protection from both smoldering and flaming fires. Here in this article we will discuss the Kidde pi2010 smoke alarm—a unit that has recently gained a great demand.

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Kidde pi2010 Product Features and Description

As previously mentioned, this alarm comes with the dual technology of photoelectric and ionization sensing techniques offering broader detection. According to fire safety experts, for maximum protection, you must use both types of sensing technologies.

It comes with the ‘hush’ control that the user can activate in order to silence nuisance alarms. There is also a LED indictor that confirms whether the alarm is working or not. This red LED light flashes every 30-40 seconds to indicate that the alarm is operating correctly.

It also comes with a tamper resistant feature like all other Kidde models that prevents theft and deters tampering. The Kidde pi2010 6 pack comes with a power harness that makes installation easy and quick and is a good buy for construction workers or builders.

It comes with 9 volt battery backup along with 120 VAC of power that ensures the alarm works even when there is a power outage. It also warns you when it is time to replace the battery. Furthermore, the alarm intensity is 85 dB so it’s likely that everyone will hear it.

This smoke alarm weighs 14.4 ounces and its dimension is 7.8 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches, it is weather proof and provides a dual sensor protection for your home and office. Another important feature of this model is the fact that it can be used both singly and also along with other Kidde models by interconnecting each of them. It comes with a 10 years warranty.

Kidde pi2010 Customer Review

There are many people out there who have used this dual technology based smoke alarm as it is one of the best available for people within a budget. Most customers are happy and satisfied with Kidde smoke detectors as they are easy to install and have a very loud alarm. The ‘hush’ feature works like a charm to silence false alarms unlike some other models that do not silence right away.

Based on the star ratings and extensive customer reviews and feedback, the Kidde pi2010 smoke alarm dual sensor with battery backup is one of the most effective and affordable smoke alarms available for people trying to stay within a budget.

The Kidde pi2010 manual

Do you already have this unit and need to find out if it’s working properly, or how to change and what kinds of batteries it needs? View the Kidde pi2010 manual here.