Best Smoke Detectors

Most people do not choose a smoke detector. Typically they come with the building as it is built, and are already in the dwelling before you move in. Just having a smoke detector doesn’t mean that you are protected. A good rule of thumb is to verify that your smoke detectors are working as soon as you move in and continue to verify every single month thereafter. Many units, especially those with 10 year batteries, will eventually become inoperable or require a new battery. All too often homeowners overlook this crucial lifesaving technology, by either simply disconnecting when it’s chirping for a new battery or in other cases, if the alarm becomes a nuisance while cooking.

Some agencies advocate covering your bases by using multiple types of smoke detection technology. Some detectors work better than others at detecting fires in their early stages, thus providing adequate time to escape. Below are 4 different types of devices we feature here with a brief description of each.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These alarms detect the deadly, odorless, poisonous carbon monoxide gas originating from partially burned fuels such as natural gas, kerosene, propane, wood, charcoal or oil. Best Carbon Monoxide Detector


Dual Sensor Smoke Detectors

These units employ both photoelectric and ionization sensing technologies. This a good way to ensure an alarm whether you have a rampant blaze or slow smolder. A rampant blaze would be detected using the ionization portion of the detector whilst the photoelectric portion would detect the latter. Dual Smoke Detectors


Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Photoelectric smoke detectors are touted as the best choice by fire safety professionals. Unlike ionization smoke alarms that detect fast, rapid, flaming fires causes by burning paper or grease, photoelectric units are able to detect hidden, smoldering fires before they are noticed. These types are fires can be a cigarette smoldering inside a couch or mattress or an electrical fire in a wall. The fact that they are not inherently noticeable is what makes them so dangerous.Photoelectric Smoke Detector Reviews